Usman Waheed FURSA Capital : Ethical (Halal) Alternative Financing, Simplified.
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Usman Waheed
CEO & Co-Founder

Having grown up in NYC & NJ but now based in Dallas TX, Usman is a visionary and renaissance man with over 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience.  Usman has worked with major corporate and private clients in the United States, UK, UAE, Europe and North America and is a leading contributor on Linkedin for the Muslim demographic.  His topics of interest lie at the intersection of faith based entrepreneurialism, Islamic Finance and the Muslim Mindset.

His entrepreneurial journey that started at the age of 14 has inspired him to help engineer Digital Islamic Infrastructure (fatih based technology platforms) to help solve the biggest problems facing Muslims globally, connectivity. He is a business transformation expert with ground-up development experience in industries ranging from FMCG, Energy, Technology & FinTech with a flare for digital marketing & branding. 

Usman has been entrusted to execute and consult on highly confidential and sensitive projects in the past and now serves as the Chair of the Society of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Cooperation (SEPCO) as well as the Liaison to the United Nations for the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists & Global Donors Forum.

Usman has a passion for coaching startups and has been speaking candidly on stages to try and empower and unite Muslims through technology.  The startups he is involved in today help solve these problem through Capital & Connectivity.  Usman is the CEO & Founder of Fursa Capital and a Partner at Mecca Digital.

“Your mindset is the water that feeds your soul. Even the smallest change can help shift your entire state of mind and strengthen your well-being in the same way a single drop of color can change the 75,000 drops of water in a gallon.” - Usman W.