Kashif @ FURSA Capital : Ethical (Halal) Alternative Financing, Simplified.
Contact Info
Kashif Choudhury
Director of Operations
BS (BSc), Economics with a dual major in Finance, North South University
MBA, Masters Degree, Economics, North South University

He specializes in organizing large information sets to solve problems, structure strategies and create processes to execute those strategies and drive growth that has real impact in users’ lives. Across functional areas of Product, Operations and Admin. His key skills include data analytics, strategic planning, business and financial modeling, business process optimization and product management.

He started out his career in Management Consulting with LightCastle Partners, working on strategic issues across a variety of industries and is currently the Bangladesh Project Director of Kormo by Google – a job matching and career development platform under Google’s Next Billion User (NBU) program.

In his free time, he loves helping people with strategies to excel in their occupations across career, business and investing through his blog, Techonomics.

Finally, he’s a big believer in mastery in all areas of the SMART life. SMART standing for Strength (Body), Mind, Allah (Spirituality), Relationships and Taka (Career and Finance).