acquiring large debt to finance ones lifestyle has become common practice. it is enslaving us. and creates a vicious cycle of debt. the reality is most people are simply scraping by to survive due to interest. ironically, debt is the fuel of our banking system. banks and traditional lenders are both incentivized to create more debt by lending money to the masses since it increases their own profitability. Islamic finance protects us from this.
Interest-based transactions allow the lender to generate a fixed rate of return without expending effort, resource or time. This is the exact opposite of trade, whereby there is an exchange of real value. Essentially, the lender bears very little risks due to the fixed-nature of loans. This imbalance leads to a greater concentration of wealth by the lenders who can then yield considerable economic and social power over the masses.
throughout society, Incomes are distributed in an uneven manner. The gap between the rich and the poor has gotten wider. Wealth inequality leads to a host of negative consequences, including crushing levels of control by the wealthy. This has led to undermining the integrity of political institutions and the economic system. These justifications serve as a reminder of the need for an alternative
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