What We Do

We Are Bridging The Gap Between Investors & Ethical (Halal) Investment Opportunities While Democratizing Access to Interest Free (Ethical) Capital.

Quality Over Quantity Is Important.  Unlike many others, we are not running after every investment opportunity to help drive up our own revenue – instead we prefer taking our time and sourcing Ethical (Halal) investment opportunities we believe you will like. 

  • We provide ethical investment opportunities*, which are subject to our underwriting requirements to help potentially reduce risk*.

Fursa caters to a variety of Halal business opportunities with a focus on revenue generating, cash flowing and asset backed opportunities.

  • While looking for founders with a focus on people before profit.
  • And looking for diverse set of opportunties from Real Estate, Fintech, Consumer Goods, Start-ups and more.

The strongest growth comes from the bottom up, and this philosophy drives our technology.

By focusing in on likeminded founders from your community you help pave the way to a future you believe in.

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Our Story

At Fursa, we are passionate about addressing the growing need for ethical business capital across the world. Over the last few decades, there has been growth across various groups that seek alternatives to typical interest-based investments.

Our mission is to democratize access to Halal Investment opportunities and ethical capital to help eliminate the need for traditional finance without compromising one's beliefs.

While Fursa does perform due diligence on all issuers prior to launching offerings, Regulation Crowdfunding investments are still considered high risk, and investors should understand that Reg CF securities are speculative in nature.


Our Approach

We believe in the power of local. We work with issuers to create growth opportunities that their local community can invest in. By engaging the communities that already support these small businesses, we can provide investment opportunities while driving growth from the ground up. Moreover, our funding agreements are made with strict ethical guidelines that avoid usury and other debt-based funding structures in favor of revenue sharing and equity based funding structures.